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Xbox 360 dashboard not updating

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When you navigate to sections of the guide, there’s even a new stacked user interface to show you what you’ve left behind.Perhaps the biggest update is a new Home interface on the Xbox dashboard.

The real problem with TV-focused browsers is that they’re not really that functional.With the My Pins feature, you can cut out searching and browsing for the content by adding each app to a menu that pops up on the home screen just below the window that shows you what game you’ve got in your 360 at the time.Adding and removing apps is very quick, making it easy to change what you want to use.Microsoft is testing its first major Xbox dashboard overhaul with the company’s new Fluent Design.Xbox One Insiders on the alpha ring will get access to a new Xbox One dashboard at 6PM PT / 9PM ET today, and it looks like a solid improvement from the existing one.Pinned games will even show activity feeds, so you can see when a friend is playing a particular title.

Microsoft is also tweaking the community section of the Xbox One dashboard.

No matter how you set up the Pins menu, it’s useful.

Microsoft also fully integrated it with the new Internet Explorer app by letting you pin your favorite websites alongside applications.

Today’s updates are just part of a number of changes for the Xbox in 2017.

Microsoft says it plans to unveil more features in the coming months for Xbox One, Windows 10, Mixer, and mobile devices.

If you use your 360 to watch Netflix, Hulu, or You Tube, this speeds up accessing those apps considerably.