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Who is nivea dating

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Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…” And to make matters worse, Nivea agreed (reposting The-Dream’s statements), and went on to call Milian a “scarecrow.” Fans of Milian didn’t take too kindly to Nivea’s comments and threw shade her way, but she had no problem responding back to them on Instagram.

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I was in love at that particular time,” Dream tells Lip Service. In 2007, The-Dream filed for divorce, and has since shot to the top of the charts with the success of his debut album .“When you grow up without being in that type of environment, as far as a family, we’re not taught that how much more than love does it take to run a relationship. As of late, Dream has been spotted all over the globe with singer Christina Milian, sparking rumors that he and Milian are an item.To date, both Dream and Milian have yet to admit that they’re dating, instead calling their relationship strictly business.Clearly she doesn’t play when it comes to this man, but then again, she DID have that song, “Don’t Mess With My Man”…Everyone knows that R&B superstar The-Dream was married, and now divorced, from singer Nivea.Its actually hilarious that the ‘offeneded’ ones believe its “cute” or “ok” to confuse the sh*t out of your kids To not know about the history we already share, with kids as half siblings…nevermind, smh but u DON’T HAVE TO COMMENT…duh” Another individual told Nivea that Milian never did anything to her and that age the age of 35 (they were just throwing a number out there) she should do better.

Because of her comments, that person said that they were no longer a fan.

We told you last week that The-Dream and singer Nivea had some words for Christina Milian because of her choice to date Lil Wayne.

If you’ll recall, these four individuals all have children in common, as Nivea has a son with Lil Wayne and kids with The-Dream, her ex-husband.

Nivea responded to them with this: Again, Milian hasn’t bothered to comment on these statements, and again, Nivea didn’t share this same confusion or irritation with Lil Wayne, who is also well-aware of the perceived messiness of his relationship with Milian. But then again, this isn’t the first time Milian has called out a girl Lil Wayne is interested in. ) to call YMCMB singer Shanell “the background sl*t that sings with lil wayne” and “a piece of trash not to be respected!

” for smiling in her face while getting involved with Weezy behind her back.

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