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Who is dating matthew gray gubler

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He is well known for his role as criminal profiler Dr.Spencer Reid in the CBS television show “Criminal Minds”.

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His first physical appearance is in "Memoriam." (4x7). He graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied film making. Spencer Reid, on the other hand, holds three Ph Ds; Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry. MGG was actually casted by Anderson to be in The Life Aquatic. Hotch pretends to the unsub that Reid is near useless because he can't fire s gun, and he kicks him a few times in the stomach, but it was all a plan so Spencer could grab his ankle gun and shoot the unsub. But that makes me think maybe I can put it on You Tube since I have the DVD and the commentary He interned for director, Wes Anderson, to be a film director. Reid, Hotch, and several others are held hostage in a hospital. His present appearance is first seen in "The Instincts" (4x6) during a dream Spencer has near the end of the episode. Reid's first drug induced flashback in "Revelations." (2x15). If you've seen a picture of him smoking, it was probably a screencap from the movie Pornstar, which has been shot but hasn't actually been shown. According to Wikipedia, he is an "American actor, director, photographer, painter, and former fashion model".

Anderson realized how good MGG was and helped land him the Criminal Minds gig. He has dark eye syndrome which is darkness underneath the eyes. No, he once stated in an interview that he is not nearly as smart as his character on Criminal Minds.

While he was studying he was approached on the street by a model scout and he did some campaigns for huge designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Sisley. He's very kind ranging from laughing with fans, asking them to call him and tell him their favourite knock knock joke and even giving teenage girls piggy back rides!

He graduated from NYU, where he made a few of his own movies.

An American actor, director, fashion model and painter, Matthew Gray Gubler is currently single.

He was previously dated to actress Victoria Asher in 2010.

Gubler first appeared in the film “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”.