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White girls dating hispanic men

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Women are Women and most thrive on attention from whomever whether they accept that person or reject them.Latin America is diverse and cannot simply be put in one whole label.The label given to most Hispanic mostly fit for the Mexican-Americans (which culture isn't exactly the same as Mexico either, the same could be said for most latino group born in the US).i believe that people are too vain in choosing someone. why are all these latin guys all of the sudden are dating only white girls. im a blond in my 20s and all of the sudden these latin guys are hitting on me. I have met plenty of people here who look white and/or black, but in reality, most are mixed (only 25% of the population here is actually fully white). Also, i wouldn't recommend putting hispanics at one label (or race). its strange tho, i never imagined myself with a lating guy or a black guy, but oh well, i met this cute puertorican guy and he was so handsome and build. well, anywyaz, i was just wondering if anyone else has expirience all these latin men after white caucasian women Maybe your small wee wee is the problem white boy! Hell, i haven't even flirted with any girl openly and expecting to have #love- on the first date and i certainly DON'T use girls (nor i plan to do so).

When we make love to your white women is a spiritual experience they smile for days after and lean how to say QUE RICO PAPI and you know why because us Latinos have it like that!!! I'm hispanic and behave VERY differently from the stereotypes.

Hell, i know a girl who looks EXACTLY like an Anglo girl, that i can see why some would mistake her for an american girl if she went to the US (not to mention, she spoke english fluently). With that said, i have to mention that just because the demographics in my country is like that doesn't mean it's the same elsewhere.

Latin America is bigger than Russia, and the population in total is bigger than in the US, and that's without including the hispanics on the US.

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