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Vivian hsu dating

Some celebrities are so successful, they’re millionaires in their own right. Love knows no bounds for this December-July couple who have an 18 year age gap between them. He’s the son of the CEO of a large farming corporation, and currently running an online shopping mall. From Barbie Hsu to Ariel Lin – here is a roundup of your favourite famous faces who married into a life of riches: At 42-years-old, Korean actress Ham So-Won tied the knot with Weibo star and former idol trainee Jin Hua, last year.

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The couple met in Bangkok while she was in vacation with friends and family.So-Won said her husband didn’t speak to her for two days after she revealed her age to him back when they were dating in April 2017. “When I heard about the age gap, I didn’t think it was a problem.In the two days that I didn’t call her, I was thinking about how to tell my parents and our future plans,” he shared.While she hasn’t returned to the entertainment industry full time, since getting married, she has given us glimpses into her rich and luxurious life via social media.Here’s a quick look at her huge mansion in Thailand: The actress tied the knot with mainland entrepreneur husband Wang Xiaofei in 2010 in a lavish wedding in Hainan Island.When rumours that her hubby is on the verge of bankruptcy surfaced, Vivian responded to the rumours saying, “It’s okay even if we’re broke.

It’s not a big deal and we’ll be penniless at worst – we were born into this world with nothing anyway”.

The Taiwanese heiress who is the daughter of the former chairman of Pacific Electric Wire & Cable, Sun Tao Tsun, has starred in several television commercials and earned several endorsement deals.

In 1999, she tied the knot with businessman Henry Liao.

The Taiwanese television sweetheart is incredibly accomplished in her own right, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s married to businessman Charles Lin whose family property worth exceeds $20 million.

The lovebirds exchanged their vows in 2014 on Christmas eve.

Nicky who is 17 years older than Cecilia owns six personal companies, two studios, and three patents, but he has admitted that Cecilia is his “big boss.” – has been married to Hong Kong billionaire Patrick Ma (pictured left, next to Gigi) since 2009.