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Updating tracker

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There is no additional hardware needed and the unit does not need to be updated by a dealer or service center.The Tracker3 utility requires the following: The first step is to connect your Tracker3 to the USB port using the Mini-B USB cable.

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This topic describes how to set facets for anonymous and known contacts, and how to update the the version of the facet that has been loaded into session.using Sitecore. Security Patches are also sometimes included with Maintenance Releases.Please note that the quoted release dates refer to the live releases for the first approved markets. Contact Id); // Use tracker ID, not x Connect ID Sitecore. The following example demonstrates how to manually update a contact’s first name in session:("XConnect Facets"); var personal Info XConnect Facet = x Connect Facet. Default Facet Key] as Personal Information; personal Info XConnect Facet.The downloaded software installer will install the Tracker3 Utility software on the selected folder.

If you would like a shortcut on your desktop, check the box during the installation process and it will be created automatically.

Each time you run a feature, turn the Tracker to OFF, then to TRANSMIT.

To use the Current Version and Self-Test features, the unit must have version 3.3 firmware installed.

Here’s how to alter the accepted date of a story: Note: Changes to the Accepted date of a story do not update the Story Composition Report.

This report reflects the actual story state on a particular date from snapshots of project data taken each day.

When the necessary drivers are installed, Windows will prompt you that your device is ready to use.