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Transgender dating project

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But, even here in NYC, I’ve run into violence and discrimination.

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As model and activist Khrysty Ana puts it, “This is Pride month; a month we would not have without trans women of color.With so much hatred, not only from the rest of the world but even our own community, it is difficult to not give up.However, time and time again, I remind myself that who I am is NOT a hindrance — it is a blessing. Ignorance is an excuse in which one chooses dirt over water, while complaining they’re thirsty. I have privilege as a cis-passing white trans woman, but I still have lost family and supposed friends after deciding to transition.I experienced transphobic harassment and abuse from family members, schoolmates, and even complete strangers.Despite now being able to walk down the street and not be called a 'man' or a "faggot," I still deal with being discriminated against when I disclose my trans status to people…The photos are beautiful and joyous — very different from how the media typically portrays trans women.

“The elegant and elevated aesthetic is purposeful, aiming to provide needed representation that is not objectified,” Khrysty Ana, who directed and produced the shoot, tells Refinery29.

Cis people need to realize that gender isn’t that difficult of a construct to tear apart, because it is so easy to create. Some things are better than they were 50 years ago; there is definitely a lot of awareness and the younger generation is a lot more open-minded.

The more fluid our culture becomes, the safer it becomes. But still we see trans women of color being murdered.

Fifty years ago today, the Stonewall Riots of 1969 marked the beginning of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

As we celebrate Pride, it’s important to remember that trans women of color including Marsha P.

Thirteen trans women, including Steele, posed for photos wearing high fashion pieces in pink, blue, and white to represent the Trans Pride Flag.