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The 8 phases of dating

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Most people think that dating is about getting to know someone, like him or her and then engaged in a relationship after liking each other. But some people may not get a bigger picture of dating and how dating can affect their life in different phases.While the initial feelings may (or may not) come from lust, what happens next -- if the relationship is to progress -- is attraction.When attraction, or romantic passion, comes into play, we often lose our ability to think rationally -- at least when it comes to the object of our attraction.Everyone does have his/her ups and down in dating especially the pictorial shows that couple getting back together after break up, then leads to marriage.I would like to hear from your version of – “Phases Of Dating” and do you think it is good and will you consider such practice? When we're teenagers, just after puberty, estrogen and testosterone become active in our bodies for the first time and create the desire to experience "love." These desires, a.k.a.

lust, play a big role both during puberty and throughout our lives.

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Or, maybe we do, but we also lust after someone else. Without lust, we might never find that special someone.

But, while lust keeps us "looking around," it is our desire for romance that leads us to attraction.

I recently found an interesting post in about The 8 Phases Of Dating.