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Table for six dating

Even though A Table for Six is not a match making service, Jenny mentions that there have been many relationships started from the dinners and even a few weddings.For those who feel a bit lost in a world of apps and speed dating, A Table for Six might help you ease your way back into the community as you find your place again as a single person.

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At Table For Six we have loads of events happening all the time, we do everything such as Cocktail Parties, Speed dating, Sporting Activities, Waiheke & Queenstown Trips – & lots more!She says it’s more like a club for singles rather than a matching service. At first, I was a little surprised by Jenny’s comment about it not being a matching service.There is a membership fee – $349 – so what do you get for that?A Table of Six is very different from your typical “let’s get out and meet singles” event.Canberra host Jenny brought A Table for Six to Canberra over four years ago because she found that the single scene needed a different kind of connection.With lack of support during her own personal experience, Joanne wanted to ensure women have the much needed support on offer.

Going through a break-up or divorce can often be a mentally and emotionally devastating time, not to mention stressful.

With this in mind, Joanne is now providing a coaching service to support women after their break-up.

Joanne is caring and approachable, and knows first-hand, life doesn’t end once you divorce.

Joanne is Founder of Joanne Michelle and is a certified Health Coach and Divorcee who has set up Canberra’s first one-on-one break-up coaching program; offering health and wellness advice and practical techniques to help provide much needed support to women after their break-up or divorce.

Joanne’s mission is to support and EMPOWER women to rediscover their identity after their break-up or divorce.

With the ever growing membership base, you will be sure to make great connections with a diverse range of people.