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Earbuds are a perfect fit for persons who are short on space, some brands like ‘Seinheisers’ come with little cases where you can put your buds when it is not in use.

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You can check at the store where you are making your purchase if it is physical or buys from stores that have an active return policy if you ordering online.Research has shown that the human ear should not bear more than a hundred (100) decibels of sound for 15 minutes but most users who increase the volume of their headphones or earbuds to highest decibel actually subject the ear to more than a hundred (100) decibels for many hours, this is a dangerous practice and could lead to partial or permanent hearing loss.The ear is a three-part organ that works together to process sound.A headset made with higher quality materials and better engineering will be more expensive than another headset whose materials and engineering are not as high.The difference in price is also a difference in functionality, durability, and quality of sound produced.It is possible that all one knows about headsets is that they are easy to carry around and sound good in the ears.

But earbuds or headphones are tiny speakers that happen to be worn inside the ears.

Headsets are common accessories used by different classes of people all over the world; the old and the young, men and women, children and adults.

One question has consistently popped up now and then and has received its fair share of answers. Yes, some hearing loss issues can be linked to the use of headsets.

Like every technology in the market, headsets come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and most importantly, quality.

The quality of the headphones determines its market value, the higher the quality of the headset, the costlier it is.

In testing for headsets, check them for sound isolation; how well does the headset keep music in and block noise from outside?