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Speed dating film imdb

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Director: Meghann Artes When Josh finally meets Katie, the girl of his dreams at a speed dating event, he knows that these five minutes could change more than just his evening. See full summary » Stars: Richard Goteri, Rachel Bellack, Rob Putansu, Michael Mili In a world where romance has been replaced by speed dating, is arranged marriage the hassle-free way of getting hitched in the new millennium? See full summary » Director: Emily Ting Kevin has some personality problems.On an ill-advised whim, he attends a speed dating event on his birthday to find the girl who will put an end to his loneliness. Director: Friedl Kreuser No one said dating and relationships are easy. Scenes From A Bench is a compilation of comedy film shorts that explore the exciting and not so exciting world of...

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That's what's our protagonists try in their "quick dates" session.They all have different lives, different pasts and different visions of how they want their life to go on and their partner to be, but what unites them is the search for love and the hope to find it.No matter how old they are, what they do or where they come from, this is a chance for everyone of them to end their loneliness and begin again.Director: Jean-Marc Moutout Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating.But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all. Heredia An overly dramatic church lady named Claire, who has a propensity for wearing to much cheap cologne owns and operates a popular speed dating service called "Love Is in the Air." She fills ...See full summary » As the real estate market is in a downward spiral, beautiful young realtor Lauren Baker gets the listing of a lifetime.

A mansion on Chicago's exclusive Gold Coast has fallen into her lap ...

The movie shows this search in a special way and reminds us that it is not a question of age to find a partner and fall in love.

There's a bomb under her chair at a speed dating event, and she doesn't know it.

But one needs love and a special one to rely on their whole life.

This movie focuses on finding this very special love in the "third part of life". The six men and seven women have limited time to talk with each other and see how they are getting along.

See full summary » Hayley Udall tries to make ends meet for herself and her 14 year-old daughter while providing alimony for a horrible ex-husband.