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Ryan gosling is dating emma stone

Because these two sure have us convinced that they are the dream couple and love swapping spit with one another.

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Have you heard of a little show called The Golden Globes? In fact, their movie took home a record breaking seven Golden Globe awards that night. They're also both nominated for lead acting awards at the BAFTAs and , Ryan knew that Emma was going to outshine him. He said in an interview, "Emma had this in the bag, 'cause she'd just come off on Broadway, so it makes sense that a musical movie would be her forte. I'm just going to have to stay like a hundred feet away at everything else we do together." Emma, you're hilarious. "We made two films together and now three, and so you know it's great to work with people you know.Clearly their movies do well and they play a convincing couple. A couple that wins together is a couple that stays together, right? It's nice to see a man giving a woman her due credit.Well, we certainly hope that's the case with Emma and Ryan. We had so much fun together." That sounds like a confession of love if you ask us! He went on to say, "Emma Stone is just, like, constantly opening Christmas presents." How sweet is that? Everything that man says is so smooth and it's obvious he is smitten by Emma the person and Emma the actress. It's easy to see how Emma could run away with her Gosling obsession. She gets to spend a ton of time up close and personal with the Ryan Gosling.At an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ryan said, "Well, I like working with Emma, because I think she's secretly Canadian. She's wildly apologetic for no reason at all." And Emma, being the loveable goof that she is, answered, "Sorry about that." See? They are able to seamlessly go from big compliment to comedic moment without missing a beat. Lucky for Emma, Ryan also felt the same way about working with her. After their first collaboration in 2011, Ryan said, "Well, it was scary to work with Emma because she’s so good. Ultimately, it was the best, because there’s nothing that you do that she can’t roll with or turn it into something, even if you throw her a bunch of bad ideas.Who do we petition to make sure these two are in more movies together? She somehow magically turns them into good ideas." We love how Ryan respects Emma's talents.In fact, he liked her so much he thought she might hail from the Great White North, just like Ryan does. Ryan Gosling certainly does seem like he would be the best.

That's right, Ryan thought Emma Stone was a fellow Canuck. There's obviously a reason Emma can't stop gushing.

Even the director of could see that these two were great together.

He said, "They tease each other, they tease themselves, but they’re also the hardest workers, and they push each other. As soon as she signed on to the film, I knew it was going to be good." These two are just so sweet and perfect together!

Well, guess who went home with matching "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" in a Musical or Comedy awards? And now, they're nominated for another record breaking 14 Academy Awards. But Emma, ever the modest lady, replied, "That's not true. He's got that old school charm but sometimes he can look a little intimidating. She makes him laugh and we love when he cracks a smile. We can't get enough of seeing Ryan all dressed up in a suit and Emma stunning in a gorgeous dress and heels. But they don't let their polished looks stop them from being their goofy and fun selves. But if any man ever tries to get a restraining order against you, they're clearly not thinking straight. I think it brings the best out of them because you know one another, and you are able to help each other in a way that you can't if you're strangers." We love that these two are so much closer than just two random hot strangers who appear in a movie. Like Ryan said, they help each other and bring out the best in one another.

It's not - you know it's not." Does Emma know something we don't? They're always sharing little side conversations on the red carpet and having intimate moments with one another. where Emma's character and Ryan's character are getting to know each other? Isn't that what we're supposed to be looking for in a life-partner? Or they've at least found the recipe for an amazing movie.

, runs full speed at Patrick Swayze and he effortlessly hoists her up in the air and spins her around. We didn't think anyone could replicate that Swayze move. In an interview, Emma revealed she fell from a similar height as a child and broke both arms.