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Rhaka khan dating

Arena has added a special bonus singles match for the upcoming CWF Mid-Atlantic annual “Ultimate Survivor” event!

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For ticket information visit Wrestle Arena will be part of the upcoming mega-convention Wrestle Reunion!The Arena Chicks competing will be Sassy Stephie, Fantasia, Brittney Force & Divina Fly!Which battling beauty will survive and who will she end up on a date with?It was a hard fought battle but Angel Orsini picked up the victory.In the first-ever “Dating Game Survivor Match” four men from CWF Mid-Atlantic and four women from Arena Chicks teamed up in a special elimination match.CWF Mid-Atlantic wrestlers will pair up with Arena Chicks wrestlers in an elimination match.

The last male survivor and the last female survivor will then be sent on a date paid for by CWF Mid-Atlantic!

The final surviving man and woman would then go out on a date paid for by CWF.

The Arena Chicks participants included Sassy Stephie, Angel Orsini, Divina Fly and Brittney Force. The CWF Mid-Atlantic participants included Roo-D Lewis, Ben Tyler, Michael Mc Allister and Cecil Scott.

This is slated to be early in the night so don’t be late!

Reserve your seats at Chicks has partnered with CWF Mid-Atlantic to present a special first-time match for the annual “Ultimate Survivor” event scheduled for Saturday, November 20.

Arena is proud to announce TWO feature matches that will be a part of CWF Mid-Atlantic's anniversary event, "Battlecade XII", this Saturday night (December 17th) in Burlington, NC. Read more Arenachicks Join K&S Wrestlefest in Philly Dec 3 Arenachicks continue on tour promoting Arenachicks VOL 1 DVD and we are very proud to announce our fabulous line-up of girls appearing at the Dec 3 K&S Wrestlefest Arenachicks Vendor. Read more Arena Chicks will be hosting a “DVD Release Party” at the upcoming mega-convention Wrestle Reunion coming to Los Angeles, California.