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Paul and nicole mtv live dating

MTV Live has been home to many special events, such as The Tussle in the Temple, where Daryn and Paul "The Intern" competed in a legitimate boxing match; MTV Live Gladiators, where the hosts competed in American Gladiator-style events; and Dancing with the Hosts, a dancing competition putting the MTV Live hosts against each other.

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Some audience members had hidden in separate areas of the studio, due to fear.The hosts were often joined by viewers via webcam, phone, or through email submissions. Previous guests include MTV reality star Tila Tequila, Canadian dancer Blake Mc Grath, reality TV regular Evan Starkman and bands such as Moneen, The Most Serene Republic, ill Scarlett, and Alexisonfire.Active from 2007–2008, every Friday the best moments of the week from MTV Live and MTV News were edited into a one-hour program called MTV Shuffle. Hacked was an interactive chat which viewers participated in through MTV Hive.The previously hour-long program was now split into two separate half-hour programs.The first half was still MTV Live, and what was previously referred to as "the second half" was now MTV News, hosted by previous MTV Live hosts Aliya-Jasmine Sovani and Johnny Hockin, as well as music reporter Sharlene Chiu.MTV Live was broadcast from the Masonic Temple in Toronto, MTV Live was launched on March 21, 2006 with Daryn Jones helping to introduce the hosts.

A number of personalities from other MTV channels around the world taped short messages which aired on the program.

A small chat window was displayed during the program, showing selected portions of the chat.

Throughout Hacked, the original MTV Live episode is paused to allow host Johnny Hockin to make comments about the chat, ask questions to viewers and send shout outs to the chatters.

On May 4, 2012 Daryn Jones announced on Twitter that he would be leaving MTV Live. The following day, he was announced as the host of Over the Rainbow, a reality talent competition scheduled to air on CBC Television in the 2012-13 season.

The main seating area was made up of rows of circular couches where the hosts and audience sat.

In the same week, what was previously known as The Hills After Show became a four-day-a-week entertainment and celebrity gossip program now known as The After Show, also hosted by previous MTV Live hosts Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank.