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Padma lakshmi dating history

She has since hosted the show consecutively, with season 17 the latest.

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She hosted the Food Network series Padma's Passport, which was part of the larger series Melting Pot in 2001, where she cooked recipes from around the world. For acting, Lakshmi's first film roles were in the Italian pirate movies Il figlio di Sandokan and Caraibi (Pirates: Blood Brothers).Shortly after I told my mother and stepfather, they sent me to India for a year to live with my grandparents.The lesson was: If you speak up, you will be cast out." She also revealed a 1986 sexual assault in 2018, in which she was raped at the age of 16.In 2009, Lakshmi starred in the video for the Eels song "That Look You Give That Guy".She starred in the 2003 Bollywood film Boom, alongside Katrina Kaif and Madhu Sapre, as one of three supermodels who are accused of stealing diamonds.She is a 1992 graduate of Clark University, in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she earned a BA with honors in theater arts.

Lakshmi wrote in The New York Times that she was sexually assaulted as a small girl, "When I was 7 years old, my stepfather’s relative touched me between my legs and put my hand on his erect penis.

In 1984, when Lakshmi was 14 years old, she was hospitalized for three weeks, and eventually diagnosed with Stevens–Johnson syndrome, a rare illness caused by hypersensitivity to an infection, or a potentially fatal reaction to certain kinds of medications.

Two days after her discharge from the hospital, she was injured in a car accident in Malibu, California, which left her with a fractured right hip and a shattered right upper arm.

Sources, however, tell Page Six that the two have recently become close again. They both love that child so much, they’re putting the past behind them.” The source further said, “She just is being very cautious and private to protect Krishna, regardless of what happens.

Through spending time as a family with their daughter, Krishna, 6, the two have become romantically involved. She’s forgiven the past and giving this a try.” A spokeswoman for Lakshmi had no comment.

She portrayed Madhuvanthi in the TV series Sharpe's Challenge (2004-05).