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Online dating when to take the profile down

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How long should you date someone before you take down your online dating profile? That means there’s an inherent understanding that while you are dating someone, that person could be dating other people, too.

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Bottom line: Don’t jump headfirst into a new relationship and take down your dating profile so quickly. There’s a lot of conflicting advice floating around the Interwebs about what should happen and how a relationship should progress. Do you answer a text right away, or wait a couple of hours?Do you talk honestly about your feelings when you want to move forward in a relationship, or play it cool and wait for him to bring up the subject?As soon as you have an inkling that you might seriously like someone, you should probably pare back your usage of the site.You don't have to jump the gun and delete your profile, but maybe stop messaging people for the time being.Of course, it's hard to forsee the future, and sometimes things don't work out.

How About We has a simple "deactivate" feature, which takes down your profile and deactivates your account when you're in a relationship. More from How About We: Will This App Help My Love Life?

What I don't understand is he has said things to make me really think he likes me. He claims he told his mother about me as well as a close friend. He has a very hectic work schedule but I'm not convinced this is the reason we really have not made plans to see each other next. I think he has lost interest and now I'm wondering how terrible of a time he was having to check his mobile alerts from the dating site WHILE I WAS THERE. Several days ago I went online to the dating site to see if he was online which would not have bothered me so much as it was still new but on the heels of last week when he was checking the messages right in front of me I could not shake it. I sent him a message on the website that I was sorry as I completely misunderstood where this was going and said I get it.

From him checking his mobile messages from the dating site in front of me to being online I got that he was no longer interested and I was sorry we did not make the connection he was looking for.

But eventually, there comes a point when continuing to have a live dating profile can be awkward and cause friction within a relationship, even if you aren't actually using it.

It doesn't matter that you're not actively searching for dates or responding to people who contact you: keeping your profile up sends the message that you're still looking for love.

I have been seeing this guy for about a month and a half. I did not pursue this topic as I thought it was a little soon.