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Genuine desire and inner want, for it’s own sake and for your own self is how you take action with your man.Here are 12 principles, which if you choose to adapt, *side note, I’m not a doctor though have seen many good ones :) Though you can judge for yourself ultimately, I’d bet most psychiatrists/philosophers/psychologists/therapists would agree with most of these principles with some case by case nuance.

How dare you associate danger with this community days after a mass shooting targeting their community.It’s not love if he’s looking to marry someone to please his mom.It’s not ‘love’ if you won’t ‘sleep with him’ unless he takes you out four times or vice versa.It’s not love if over time it becomes a transactional game of give and take to get toward a commitment to marry — which is a security commitment.A loving relationship should be optimized for pure desire and wanting, with no societal, family and financial motivations which tend to drive the decision points to get married.This is the language of dehumanization and its only logical end is violence. Earlier I tweeted that Kiki Fantroy was the 13th black trans woman murdered this year.

It turns out Kiki was the 14th and Pebbles La Dime Doe was the 13th.

She was murdered August 4th and we didn’t know because @WJBF / (ABC) misgendered & dead-named her.

To be quite honest, I have never been one to make a big thing out of Mother's Day.

and more) are decidedly not feminine and definitely not sexy.

They're totally right—but with another summer season approaching, the trend shows no sign of slowing.

There are a few other context points that I won’t mention, but she was definitely of the thought process: “I’ll sleep with him if he gives me what I want.”That right there signals that she perceives the relationship as transactional which isn’t about genuine desire and want which then just ultimately becomes this long game of ‘s/he who cares less wins’.