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Most intimidating dog breed

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Most of all, they need plenty of room to stretch out and a soft bed.

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Stubborn tendencies have frequently been reported in this breed.I love a calm dog - I almost fall asleep myself when a dog is stretched out on the floor, quietly sleeping!Call it what you like; docile, laid back or mellow, these dogs are generally even-tempered, and because of this may be suitable for families with children, seniors, or people that have limited experience with dogs.Their coat will require weekly brushing and clean up after drool.These are BIG dogs, and they need a bit of cleaning up after them!These dogs do not bark much, but their bark is deafening, which makes them unsuitable for apartments and for families who prefer a quiet atmosphere.

They need daily exercise but a moderate walk or short run will satisfy their energy needs.

All large and giant breed dogs need a place where they are comfortable when they sleep and often you won't find a crate large enough for them to truly stretch. Read more The Neapolitan Mastiff has been developed primarily to guard the family.

You may wonder if they belong in the Calm Dog Breeds list!

Neos do not need too much exercise, but they do need plenty of room to stretch.

Drooling is one of their high points, so anyone who is obsessive about the cleanliness of their home will be frustrated by this large breed.

This dog is just about the tallest of the calm dog breeds. They do well with other dogs and pets and are generally well-mannered.