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Married friends dating

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After several years of patiently encouraging each other, Liwin gained fame and wealth and decided to take his relationship with Patricia to the next level.The stunning lady currently has a son with the comedian. After 2 years of painful divorce, Ghana’s finest radio presenter Abeiku Santana decided to give marriage a second chance.

However, the huge challenge they face lies in their ability to keep the relationship unharmed and unbroken ‘until death do them part’ as they have vowed at the altar and since the marriage is continuously put at risk by the trappings of fame, that could be very difficult.They were “strictly friends” and continued being cool friends for about eight years after he met her in the US.Their friendship was well-built and eventually turned into something greater. Most of these power couples started out as friends, moved on to be close friends and ultimately, the friendship evolved to being married.Some of them might not have known that they would eventually end up together, but their marriages are a result of friendship.The highly attractive model, Menaye Donkor, in an interview with Dzifa Smith on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, revealed that Sulley Muntari had persisted for about eight months before he got an answer to his love proposal.

The two courted each other until 2010 when they eventually decided to get married.

Okyeama once confessed that he spent a total of GHC300 on his wedding because Annica who was his manager saw no reason why they should waste their hard-earned money in feeding a bunch of people simply because they wanted to get married. When he began his acting career, Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin gained prominence as Ghana’s ugliest actor.

In an interesting turn of events, he became a highly-sought after actor, with women milling about him endlessly.

Many Ghanaian celebrities have excelled in their marital lives despite the constant eye of the media that follows them around in their daily endeavors.

A deep search has come up with the fact that some of these celebrities have had to be friends with their spouses for quite a reasonable period of time before deciding to get married.

Some of their stories are guaranteed to take your breath away because some of them became celebrities by marrying celebrities.