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Is jim carrey still dating anchal

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Everyone thought their engagement will lead to marriage but that didn’t happen.

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Their relationship officially started in 1994 and they got married in 1996.Their marriage didn’t last as many expected as the duo got separated nine months later.This was a sad moment for Jim who may have concluded in his mind that he’s found the right one.There are not even any rumors linking him to any woman.Jim Carrey and Lauren both starred in the comedy movie ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ They met on the set of the movie and fell deeply in love with each other.Jim Carrey and Zellweger co-star in the dark comedy movie, Me, Myself & Irene.

They got really close together and they surprised everyone when they finally got engaged.

Their love for each other grew every day and many thought 1999 would be the luckiest year for the comedy King who has finally found love after series of heartbreaks.

But to the surprise of fans, family, and friends, rumors of their split swept the internet by surprise.

She was apparently quite mad that she was eliminated when she probably had one of the best photos that week (the make-up flying in space one ), but she has to admit, even a blind man could have seen that she had all but given up and was practically pleading to be set free.

So it looks like Jim Carrey 49, has officially found a new girlfriend?

Jim surely knows how to make people happy and laugh their ribs out. He went on a date in New York with the former contestant of the America’s Next Top Model Anchal Joseph.