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Intimidating principals

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Rather than relying on the district’s formal dismissal procedure, the principals used alternative methods to pressure teachers they perceived to be low quality. By the end of two years, each of these four teachers had left.

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However, during the practice while carrying requirements of engagement auditors may face or they expect to face such situations when the will not be able to fulfill ethical requirements.Or worse, auditor stated in the report that entity is financial sound when its not the case in actual.Familiarity threat arises when auditor due to the nature of relation with the other party become too sympathetic that it compromised the objective requirement of code.Intimidation threat arises when auditor, directly or indirectly, threatened physically or mentally to keep him from working objectively.auditor is given a threat that if he reports objectively then audit fee will not be paid or subsequent audits with the auditor will be cancelled.To bound auditors around the world to achieve objectives of engagement effectively and also providing users of financial statements with reasonable assurance and making them responsible for other aspects of the profession auditors have to abide by the requirements of code of ethics.

Principles laid out in code of ethics are also know as fundamental ethical principles and auditor is required to assure all such principles are fulfilled.

Elliott’s room for an impromptu observation of her classroom.

He comes several times a week for such informal observations. Astor is sitting through his third mandated professional development session in a month.

In this vein, principals described their approaches to pressuring teachers to leave.

Similarly, in a study of the pilot of a new teacher evaluation system in Chicago, 39 principals were interviewed in 2008-09 (with no overlap in the principals from the study described above) (Sartain, Stoelinga, and Brown 2009).

It might take the shape of physical threats like harming family members or use of coercion on auditor.