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How to stop being accommodating

One way to address this for sufferers of musculoskeletal disorders is to provide them with the option to work from home.

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What smells clean and fresh to one person is a harbinger of an allergy attack for someone with fragrance sensitivity, which can result in sneezing, headaches, skin reactions, even difficulty breathing.Tell Us What You Think Are you sensitive to fragrance in the workplace? Musculoskeletal conditions can affect the bones, muscles and joints, according to the NHS website, while there may also include some rare autoimmune diseases and back pain.And potentially reduce the number of sick days taken?Option 1: work from home Presenteeism is the term given when staff members attend the workplace but with difficult or reduced efficiency and productivity as a result of them not feeling entirely fit to work.And, there may be other options available to you that are specific to your company and working relationship with your manager.

When you demonstrate that you want to work, and that you’re willing to be flexible – to make it work for everyone – your employer will hopefully respond in a positive way.

Based on calculations that consider the average UK salary and a working day of 7.5 hours, an individual sick day can cost an employer £107.85 if the worker receives full sick pay.

There is also the cost of work being covered, perhaps this is by another employee who then can’t do their own work.

A lot of the adult population unfortunately suffer from these types of conditions, impacting their quality of life considerably.

As a result, employers need to understand how their own staff members are affected by musculoskeletal conditions — as well as the steps they can take to help.

(Photo Credit: patpitchaya/ Fragrance sensitivity hit the news recently in the case of Brady v. Christine Brady claims that her former employer discriminated against her because of her sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, and lotions.