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How to say no to dating

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This is about saying "no." It is not about breaking up or slowing down the sex train.

If he doesn't get the message and is still in hot pursuit after you've said no three times, then you can have a talk with him and tell him to stop. Now, I can be won by persistence, but it has to be of the low-key variety, not the relentless, petulant variety. If a woman is saying no, even if it's a vague no, you have to take her at her word. (Words are good and necessary, but actions tell you more in the world of soft nos.) Guys sometimes give a soft no, too, but I suspect it's much more common for women. Men are still more likely to be the pursuers/askers. The mild case is that you give him a number so you can end the interaction.We know that words and actions are not always consistent, so you can measure her words against her actions. And then you say no to a date if/when he calls you.That’s right: Even though your friends and family probably want the best for you, they may be sabotaging your love life in various ways, and neither you nor them have any idea it’s happening.Does your sister instantly dismiss every man you meet based on some set of undefined rules?Dad said, "That sound like the old days, when the guys did all the asking. We finally figured it out and met in a mutually inconvenient spot for lunch. ) The date was fine, I was nervous (unaccountably) and I did not fall in love with him.

My rule was, if she says no three times, I stopped asking." Good rule, Dad! I did hear from him again and I don't like how he handled things.

Actually, the opposite approach would have been more likely to get him another date with me.. However, given that I wasn't certain, this wasn't really a mistake. ) in giving people a chance and taking time to get to know them. It has happened to me if I don't give a phone number to a stranger in a club or bar or if I say no to a drunken guy at a party. Even if my no comes in the form of "I don't think so" or "It's not a good idea" or even "I have a boyfriend." If you say no to a stranger, the worst case is that he'll get angry.

I was being internally consistent, but SL was playing a different game. He played the "take all contact as a sign of interest" and "if I keep asking, she'll say yes" games. A middle case is that he'll attempt to engage you in a long conversation about why you're turning him down.

You know the saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions?

Well, here’s my version: The road to dating and love hell is paved with good intentions, particularly those of your friends and family.

" and hope he'd understand that you were interested. There was no reason for him to tell me he wasn't interested.