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In particular, biological theorists expect that men's attraction to similar partners should be altered by the fact that female fertility peaks in early adulthood, drops during the ages 25 to 45, and goes to zero after age 50.

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Social scientists used to presume that this is simply another example of the (the idea that I want to marry someone who matches me in as many ways as possible—political beliefs, religion, height, and so on).In which case what they want can influence the price just as much as what men want.If you're an NBA superstar you easily have a limitless supply of younger women of any age for free sex.But when researchers looked more carefully, they found that age preferences raised some interesting exceptions to the similarity rule. Conversely, older men often marry much younger women.And survey data revealed another discrepancy: high school boys said they would be quite interested in college-age women, even though they knew they were very unlikely to attract those older women.As Sohn notes, Indonesia provides an ideal place to examine this issue, because prostitution is “quasi-legal,” tacitly supported by the government, which keeps official records on prostitutes’ income alongside incomes from other professions.

Normal link between age and income flips for prostitutes When it comes to hiring the short-term services of a prostitute, men pay the most for women between the late teens and early twenties.

Economists call this "revealed preferences," assuming that the amount we are willing to pay for any commodity gives a good index of how much we value it.

Sohn’s sample was very large, including 8,560 prostitutes from 15 different cities in Indonesia.

If you're a tall, athletic, confident 40-year-old man with a great sense of humor, you won't have too much trouble finding someone anywhere in the age range 18-29 to have sex with. Just saying it would seem the data could be just as influenced by what women want as what men want, via supply and demand.

And what it seems to suggest, in my simplified example anyway, is that there are more 40-year-old men who want no-strings-attached sex with a 20-year-old woman than the other way around.

The price is determined not only by demand, but also supply.