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Famouse online chatroom

Live Chat Zone also allows it users to form groups on the chat site and then communicate with each other in that group.

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Being an online chat site for people across the country, we try to create a sense of brethren among all its users.Moreover, you can also upload any picture and can use it as a profile photo.It is not that simple because in Live Chat Zone you can even view the profile pictures of other users and can share or like their photos too.And of course, it helps you in recognizing you among Ahmad Ali and Ahmad Ali is your “Ahmed Bhai from the college”.Live Chat Zone also has a feature of wall or a separate page for each of its users where he or she can post anything any time to let everyone know what he or she is up to.We realize that this feature is quite common but you will actually know why Live Chat Zone is good at it by trying it.

The wall is much simpler to maintain unlike the other chat app where it is not that responsive and easy to comprehend.

Live Chat Zone is a secure online chat app for you to enjoy, as it does not store any information of its users.

Not only this, but you can also be a guest user for the time being and connect with anyone just as a regular user would have done.

This is what made us the best and most popular Pakistani chat room over the years.

When you start using Live Chat Zone, you do not need to bother if you the other person you are interacting with is real or fake, because Live Chat Zone has very authentic users that are actually using it to chat.

It is one of the most performed activity on any chatting platform and it is not any different on Live Chat Zone.