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Error updating certifier id

The cause for the above error can be an incorrect look up formula in the document's form that returns error.Or the error can also be prompted if a refresh is required for the host view or folder.

error updating certifier id-34

The Travel Voucher Audit Section performs audits of travel vouchers based on select criteria.The Travel Services Branch provides a variety of travel services to our customers.The Travel Services Branch is divided into 3 separate sections: 1) e-Travel Services Section; 2) TDY Travel and Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Section; and 3) Travel Voucher Audit Section.Otherwise the lookup value (contained in temp) is returned.“Entry not found in index” This error can also occur due to corruption in the file. It includes your contacts, connections, locations, and Personal Address Book information.and provides you with the features like integrated messaging, business applications and social collaboration. The NSF files contain all the Notes mailbox data such as: emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, journals, etc.

If any damage happens to the nsf files, then notes starts prompting various error messages on the screen indicating database corruption.

Also if the Lookup View is not sorted on the first column, the error can occur.

Thus we can say of the referred key is not existing then it would lead to the above error.

• If a refresh is required for the host view or folder: Resolution: • Press F9 key torefresh the Notes view.• Press Shift F9 to Rebuild the Notes view.• If the document’s lookup formula is causing the problem The above error can occur when you are using @Db Lookup and @Db Column within Notes document.

If you are using incorrect syntax of the formula,then the above error can be prompted.

Another reason for the above error to occur is if some value not found.