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Dating someone with same name as parent

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I still feel a twinge every time I see my ex's name, even though it's an extremely common one.On the other day, I received an e-mail flirt from a super cute guy. A perfect number 3 type e-mail'…until I reached the bottom, where he signed off with the same name as my ex!

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(For what it’s worth, I am also in this demographic and standing strong, but whatever.) There was an interesting outlier to this trend, which is people with less-common or downright rare names who were so pumped at the prospect of meeting someone else with their name that it made dating them sound desirable.__More on ex's names: How Not To Run Into An Ex What Were The Names of Your Past Boyfriends? My Boyfriend Has the Same Name as a Professional Athlete! More Ways to Get Glamour Visit for cute stuff starting at just $10! She and I grew up hearing the same set of syllables, we had the same adjectives that were supposed to define our personalities, maybe we were both born in July or our parents both loved the Beatles.I always felt an immediate draw towards the other Julias, luckily differing sexualities kept us from running into the same-name couple issue.” When she met “a cute girl on a dating app with a handle that included Jules in it,” the rest was Julia history.Harry would date girls: lowest is someone 4 years younger than him and maximum of 45 years old And Niall would date girls: lowest is someone 4 years younger than him and when it comes to older people well he… ) choose someone that shares the same interest with you, someone you feel comfortable around like you have known him forever.

it doesnt really matter how old someone is but who the parent is because someone could not be allowed to date and they could be 17 while someone with different paretns would allow their kid to date someone when they…

Even a piece of a particular kind of chocolate can send me on a trip down ex-boyfriend memory lane.

So I can only imagine how hard it would be date someone who shared a name with my most recent ex!

For example, I'll always remember Hoyt Farm as the place I had my first kiss.

A certain Chinese restaurant still brings back memories of another ex.

Upon polling Autostraddle readers and commenters who had been or currently are in same-name relationships, these observations ring pretty true.