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Dating royal doulton china

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In 1873 when John Doulton passed away his son, Henry took complete control of the company.

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Characters like Poppy Eyebright and Primrose Woodmouse live their simple lives within the safety of Brambly Hedge, and sometimes find themselves in great adventures.The patterns have been discontinued and are now considered to be collector's items.Many of the more popular pieces are difficult to find.Due to the shift in quality of the Royal Doulton company, older pieces can often be worth a small fortune. Later backstamps from 1882 have definite logos and wording which can be found below.The earliest Royal Doulton pieces sometimes have backstamps that read ‘Pinder Bourne & Co’ or have simple initials such as P. During this period a number of simple stamps were impressed into Royal Doulton works of art.These extra special dog figurines are one-of-a-kind and will bring a little sunshine to the room thanks to their artisan-inspired patterned dog bed - taking direct influence from the new Pastels collection of tableware.

Delicate block printing and summer-ready colours bring a bright and fresh touch to these wonderfully cute designs.

These stories and delightful illustrations have charmed children and adults alike since they were first published in the early 1980s.

Brambly Hedge china was created in several patterns.

John Doulton, a qualified manufacturers joined with John Watts, a foreman and Martha Jones, the Lambeth Pottery owner in 1815.

They began producing pottery in a small factory in England trading under the name ‘Jones, Watts and Doulton‘.

If like me, you’ve often wondered what the different cyphers printed on the base of your figurines means, I am happy to tell you that after making many enquiries, I have finally managed to solve the mystery.