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Dating physco

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Although Gabbie has long moved on from the breakup, she still wanted to edit and post the video for the world to see.

But she explained that the girl she is right now is completely different from the girl she was back then.Recently, the 27-year-old vlogger posted a video about a past breakup and the toxic details surrounding the whole ordeal. If you follow Gabbie Hanna’s channel, then you must have seen the recent video she posted, explaining the details of one very volatile relationship she once had.Many of her followers are curious to know more about Gabbie Hanna’s mystery man, but she never names him in the video.But after about six months, Gabbie says that she found out that he lied about Even now, though she knows it’s wrong, she still makes excuses for his constant lies and actions, adding that she may have allowed herself to get into a relationship where she was being emotionally abused.So, after much healing and moving on from the ordeal, she took to her channel to share her story.He felt that she had a lot of options when it came to guys, and he wanted to make her feel the way he did.

He told Gabbie that he never really wanted to talk to the girl from Tinder and that he didn’t even like her.

In the past, there were rumors that Gabbie was dating actor Desmond Harrington, but their relationship was never confirmed.

In the video, which Gabbie finally had the courage to post, she explains all the lies and manipulation this guy put her through, hoping it might help others who have been in the same situation.

She has had three boyfriends before this mystery man and never made a video about any of them or their arguments for that matter.

Gabbie has never revealed her ex-boyfriends or shown their faces.

He doesn’t practice Mormonism anymore, but his family does, so she didn’t want to create any problems for him, even though he remains nameless.