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Dating myself by poetri

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Sometimes you want to break up and find somebody new, or just escape for a little while. You have to promise yourself you won’t tolerate what you don’t deserve. I’ll continue to spend the occasional night at home alone with all my favourite things and will commit to it as I would to plans with another person.

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To see their BIG and STRONG dad unable to help the family or himself was excruciating for them. Devin is in ICU at CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL in West LA. Recent Cat scan revealed that the bleeding has stabilized. I remember sitting there alone, feeling like I was in a room with a complete stranger. I felt dazed, raw, and confused, and, in all honesty, I didn’t have a clue where to begin. I realised as I sat there in silence that half the people who are out with others sit there in silence also. Now, if I don’t make time for me occasionally, I miss it. So, as it seeped at my frayed edges, I began to welcome it. Because if you don’t maintain a healthy relationship with and things turn to sh*t and you end up in a big, empty house on your own, it can be pretty damn scary. I’d cook up a storm and dance around in my comfiest clothes, like a lunatic. But then it began to feel almost liberating, and I relaxed into it. I was giving myself time—to nourish, to nurture, and to heal. ’ and puts her assertive rhythm on display as she answers it for herself.When she takes a stand for her beliefs onstage, she’s an intimidating figure.As long as there are no setbacks, he’ll be in urgent intensive care for 3 to 4 days.

Then in the regular hospital unit for about 2 weeks, before going to rehab for about up to six months.

So I introduced myself to myself, and I took that fragile and jaded woman on a date. A week later, I went for dinner at my favourite restaurant. I have to book it in and tell people, “Sorry, I have plans.” And as the months unravelled, I began to understand myself a little more. Change realigns and reconstructs our innermost workings.

It started at the movies on a Tuesday morning with about six pensioners. I began to work on the things I didn’t like and to push myself in ways I hadn’t before.

He is the sole care giver for his wife Juren who is unable to walk, and father to their two young children. READ HIS WIFE JUREN'S STORY:"This past Sunday night, was the scariest night of my life. He started mumbling, swerving, side swiping objects and other cars, all while not really understanding why all of us were screaming, crying, and begging him to STOP.

He's known for poems like "Krispy Kreme" "Money" and "Dating Myself." I had the pleasure of meeting Poetri and his wife Juren J-boogie Spoken Funk Smith years ago during my LA days. Well sadly, Poetri suffered a stroke recently and his family is going through it. It happened while he was driving home after happily getting off stage from one of his shows, with all of us in the car, yet none of us knew what was happening.

But if there is one thing I have learned of particular significance, it’s how important it is not to compromise your true self, in any relationship. I left my phone behind and just allowed myself to enjoy that moment and everything it represented for me. It was a pretty good second date, and I’m pretty sure I even got lucky. Soon came the cosy Friday nights in—pen, paper, music, and my guitar. Initially, I felt pretty uncomfortable with my aloneness.