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Dating multiple people at the same

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To make matters worse, they were complete opposites: Pam was younger, just starting off in the work force, and Nicole was a bit older and she was a lawyer.So all of my guy friends and even most of my girl friends were telling me to hang out with both women.

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He told me to cherish the time I spend with women-and I can do that, I've recently re-discovered how nice it is to have a female care about me.I don't feel good about being "one of the many" she might be seeing at the same time.Have you ever thought about this and how can I go about accepting that this is how things work?But what if one or both of these relationships gets serious?If one gets serious, then I have to hurt the other girl by cutting that relationship off.If I don't tell them, does that mean I'm two-timing?

I think most guys would like the opportunity to be with two women.

Quantity is ok, but I've never been seriously sexual with two women at the same time.

In fact I've never had sex with two different women within at least 3 months.

Hi, I have just started dating girls first time in my life and I was wondering how others go about dating multiple people at the same time.

I have always thought that the right and honorable thing to do is to date only one girl at the same time and only when that is finished, it's alright to move on to someone new.

Essentially they advised me to "see other people." I've never been comfortable with the idea of "seeing other people." Here are pros and cons of seeing other people: Incomplete projects strewn around is a hallmark of the ADD-afflicted person's life. Considering I have trouble following through with one girl,how much trouble will I have following through and managing two different relationships?