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Computer not updating daylight savings

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I had some special events, scheduled like 'last sunday in September' and eliminated them, to see whether they cause the problem because on the iphone you can't set it up this way, but no, problem persist.

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Similarly while running the sync last night, i Tunes did warn me about a conflict between the birthdays I had stored in my i Phone and Outlook contact lists that will occur between March 28th and October 30th which I managed to resolve by telling i Tunes which one was the correct date.Daylight Saving Time comes 3 weeks early this year on March 11th 2007 (US).Europe DST comes into effect on Sunday, 25th March.Previously, Entourage had it’s own way of calculating the time zone and matching-it up with various DST rules to reflect the event in your calendar.With the fix, time-zone calculation code was changed and Entourage now relies on the OS.This isn't the first time an iphone or itunes update has messed up my calendar appointments, but it's the worst i faced so far.

Would be nice, if apple could figure out at a near future how to sync a calendar.

I've done a system restore on the PC to get my Outlook calendar back as it should be, but I still can't get i Tunes to sync the information correctly to the i Phone, or get Mobile Me to sync correctly with the cloud. Apart from ranting on here about it, how can I get support from Apple? I had double all year calender events and all dates are wrong. First, set your computer clock to adjust for daylight savings time and make sure the time shown is correct, Second, In Outlook, Go to the Tools Menu, then Options, then Calendar Options, Timezone. Hello gazdilla and all, exactly the same problem for me.

Agree with the reasone of the daylight time change. Uncheck the Adjust for daylight saving box, Third, In Mobile Me, go to your calendar. If this doesn't work, I think you'll have to delete all your outlook calendar events and re-install them with the above settings in place (like I had to). Also updated to i Tunes and same timezone (Portugal). All 'All-day' appointments (events) and also all holidays generated by Outlook in the daylight saving period are shifted one day backwards on my iphone for 2010 and also for future years.

In the meantime I reinstalled all apple applications on my PC, following the steps described here: BTW: all music, settings, etc. _After reinstalling:_ - Opened i Tunes apply *After the sync, the problem was still the same ;-(* I'm running several add-ins in Outlook and other programs which could cause the issue, although they all were there before without any trouble.

_Here is the list:_ - Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager with remote database - skype, with Outlook add-in - Nokia PC Suite (syncs only contacts to a nokia phone) - To Do Sync Helper for syncing tasks to 2Do on the iphone - some Adobe add-ins My settings are: - Region format: Ireland (because of Euro, not UK or US) - General Time Zone: Lisbon - Calendar Time Zone Support: On - Calendar Time Zone: Lisbon _Win 7 (x64):_ - Regional Settings Location: Portugal - Regional Settings Format: Ireland _Outlook 2010:_ - Calendar Time Zone: UTC (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London) - Calendar: "automatically adjust for daylight saving time" Don't know yet what I'm going to test next, anybody an idea?

Deselect the option to set date and time automatically, then set the time for your local time zone as needed. Use the Date and Time control panel to deselect the option to observe Daylight Saving Time changes automatically, then enable Daylight Saving Time manually.