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Comic book geek dating site

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The interface is clean, sleek and very intuitive, and the website looks great as well as perfectly usable on a phone. Its interest-based matching system finds like-minded geeks who share your unique passions.This helps cut out most of the awkwardness because you’ll know what the other person is into right from the start.

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Even if you put something like “My favorite Pokemon is Gyarados, only swipe right if you know how difficult it is to evolve him,” you’ll probably never run into someone who knows what that means.You can also search other people by fandoms, which is a very nifty feature that can help you find specific geeks.This app used to have significant problems in the past with its interface and the fact it had issues saving people’s information and search history.The interface is a little unusual but it’s functional and robust.There are a couple of small issues with the website here and there, but mostly it’s pretty great.The app also has an extensive profile section which you can use to describe all your interests and hobbies in great detail.

You can easily share your best and geekiest stories, list your current obsessions and even tell your origin story if that’s something you care for.

So, whether you enjoy playing video games and board games, reading comic books, collecting interesting stuff, doing cosplay, watching anime, programming just for fun, and other similar hobbies — You’ll surely find someone there who’ll enjoy your company.

This is possibly the largest online dating place for nerds, dorks, and geeks.

It’s even an awesome place to simply find new friends who enjoy geeking out on the stuff that you find awesome.

That’s because you can write all the hobbies that you have in your bio and everyone will be able to filter you by them.

This makes it a great place to make some new friends if you’re not interested in finding a lover because you’re already unavailable.