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"There's the risk of 'inspiration porn,'" she wrote.

"So we do of course prefer when they send us a letter, since when we are at home that is obviously our private time…premiered on TLC in 2009, the show's stars Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have garnered millions of fans' hearts with their picture-perfect marriage and sweet family. Yes, the occasions themselves are legit, but as Arnold explained to "We try to remind each other that dinners out with the cameras don't really count and that we still need to have a separate celebratory dinner for us, for birthdays and anniversaries," she said.As the series' official description explains, Klein and Arnold "are just like your average couple — except for the fact that they're both under 4 feet tall! She wasn't the only one missing Jen." Although the family regularly celebrates special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries on camera, all that fanfare isn't actually real. "Even though we celebrate on camera, we do something separate as well." It makes sense that a family so much in the public eye would want to keep some occasions and special events private, so we can't say we blame them.When Klein and Arnold started the 11 month-long adoption process for William in 2012, they had no idea that they would also receive a call from Little People of America about adopting Zoey — they had actually put their names on the LPA waiting list four years earlier. It's for that reason no one was really expecting Klein to step forward and admit to having battled with depression and suicidal thoughts during a difficult time when he was younger.) that Klein opened up about his past struggles with mental health, saying that after years of bullying, he "reached the deepest [pit] of depression and that brought me to the brink" while he was in college.I do get it though because people watch us and feel like they know us!

" has garnered countless fans over the years, averaging a whopping 2.1 million viewers per episode back in 2013.

He stands at 4 feet and has a rare variation of a skeletal dysplasia called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (or SED) and has had more than 20 surgeries. Plus, it means double the celebrating (and we're assuming that also means double the cake).

She stands at just 3 foot 2 has a similar, and also rare type of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Type Strudwick, has had more than 30 surgeries — and yet this too is not what makes this couple unique." documents all of their hardships and successes, as well as the adventures of their two adorable children, Will and Zoey, and is an undeniable smash hit. , Klein revealed, "Our two-year-old daughter wailed next to the front door. "Zoey had bonded with Jen, but not with me, and without her new mommy, she was inconsolable," wrote Klein. Despite both William and Zoey being a major (and super cute) part of the show's ongoing success, they're purposely not featured on camera too much, even though Arnold admitted in 2015 that the kids "are pretty whatever about it.

"As a hospital, they have a lot to lose, and they wanted to make sure it would show the hospital in a good light." "A lot of conversations took place with our production company, LMNO, and the hospital administration, and they were able to come up with an agreement," she continued.

"LMNO was great and had done shows in other hospitals, so I think everybody felt more comfortable." Since the first episode, Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and their two kids lived in Houston, Texas.

Together, they cited information from 19 references.