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Cajun dating

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There are a few ground rules: don't wring the chicken's neck, and no eye-gouging."He [Bourdain] had this way of making you want to go to exotic lands that you never before considered," she said."And revisiting places in your own backyard you’d never paid attention to until he revealed them through his unfiltered lens."As CNN airs these episodes, our recaps will go on. He made the pilgrimage to southern Louisiana, also known as Cajun Country, to celebrate Cajun Mardi Gras—a tradition dating back to medieval France that's a far cry from New Orlean's bead-filled extravaganza.Notably, women are not allowed to participate in the run; however, when Bourdain asks a local what happens if you break the rules, the man smiles and says, "nothing."The week leading up to Mardi Gras is just as fun—Bourdain hangs out with locals in Mamou and learns about their roots, goes hunting, attends crawfish boils, and of course, does a whole lot of eating."Cajuns do things their way, always have, always will," Bourdain says in a voiceover.Watch it here: RPV #onlinedating #single Love Systems Presents: The Infield Vault A compilation of all of our infield footage that we’ve amassed over the years! Every weekday until Friday Dec 22nd, we will be announcing a special deal on Love Systems productcs for THAT DAY ONLY.

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Our minds tell us not to approach people we don’t know as it is outside of our comfort zones.

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The vast patchwork of saltwater marshes, bayous, and prairie land that make up Cajun Country is one of those places."—Bourdain, on southern Louisiana.