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Like some shitty god helped her first time, when it in fact was Dee Dee's money and the doctors' skills that helped her.

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That ppl who fuck with govts & big corporations get totally fucked lied about murdered etc.anyone who says that reagan was a terrible president has never seen one of his movies.:\ethelbert: A man of Bush's low intelligence couldn't possibly have run the USA.As for our "freedoms", maybe you hadn't noticed, but "W" stripped most of those freedoms from us and left us basically afraid of the Gov.rock: It is not americans per se that gets up our collective noses,it is the assumption of moral superiosity .Particularly when the usa by its actions demonstrates an almost total lack of a moral compass of any kind? It was an illegal invasion of a soveriegn nation without provocation.Fuck them Anonymous: i think we should pay for music. ;')Anonymous: Saw this documentar about Dee Dee Ricks (google it) who spent lots and lots of money and more than a year, to buy the best health care to this woman with breast cancer.

The cancer came back, and this woman said that she was sure that god would help her ' once again '.

This man is a fucking hero: Why doesn't he do the same to Iran or Korea or China, he's not a hero, he's an opportunist, interested in advancing his own agenda.

If he had managed to get any real secrets, you can rest assured, he would have been dead, long before he leaked them. This also implies that everything you think you own belongs to your current owner.

He and his guys maintain it's all trumped up by evil Pentagon stooges. : Those that prove themsevles iritants to the US gov. The only reason he was arrested was because of Wikileaks.

We'll never know for sure, but I hope he didn't do it. Sweden has always been the US' most reliable slave.

When she was 19 i run into her again, i couldn't believe my bad luck for she turned into a dropdead gorgious chick and was with her girlfriend...