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Again, to be very clear, no one actually believes Brown is a hateful bigot, and there’s no evidence she’s made any statements even remotely related to those being attributed to her.The clear falseness of the meme, the fact that it is an obvious exercise in absurdity, makes it possible to compartmentalize the joke of a homophobic Millie Bobby Brown from the actual Millie Bobby Brown.

No one honestly believes Millie Bobby Brown runs over gay men with new cars.Each reaction to the irony moves the goalposts a little bit each time, to the point that it can become hard to know what field you’re playing on.And as much as I’d like to believe that these Brown memes would never get to that place, the internet has unfortunately shown itself to be more than capable of becoming the worst version of itself when given a chance.As The Verge pointed out in its examination of the rise of flat-earthers, engaging with ironic humor over and over again (in this case with jokes about believing in a flat Earth) can cause people to start to question things for real.Another example is Pepe the Frog, in which an ironic joke about an awkward frog became a joke about that frog being ironically anti-Semitic, and then eventually that frog became a mascot for the alt-right.If I’m being honest, I’ll admit to seeing some dark hilarity in this meme; portraying Brown, who seems to be a sweet, tiny human angel, as a vile bigot who mows down gay men with new cars is so ridiculous that it pushes these statements into the realm of surreal humor.

It’s a dark satirization of the gross absurdity of the real world (where we just passed the two-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting), and for some, laughing at homophobia in such a ridiculous scenario is a way to undermine and cope with the very real homophobia in the world today.

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On the surface, the meme is shocking and in poor taste.

Falsely portraying this young girl and child star as a raging homicidal bigot is heinous, and Brown deleting her Twitter to avoid this maelstrom is a logical response to the internet’s festering orgy of toilet humor.

Like this one, a completely farcical tale of Brown throwing a hot Mc Donald’s Mc Café beverage at someone wearing a gay pride T-shirt: There are also crasser, more to-the-point variations, which mainly consist of an obviously bad photoshop of Brown saying that she wants to run over gay men with her car and a recent variation that ascribes false stories of hateful racism to Brown.