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Bindingsource not updating

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What I want is to add a row in which all of the fields start out as Null. Row as Supplies Data Row; You can initialize the values by specifying a default value for the datatable's column: Supplies Data Table. The problem is that when I click on "New Item", all of the other data bound Textboxes, Combo Boxes, Check Boxes do not update. I also have a private Binding Source bs Supplies object.

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Hi All, I utilse Table Adapters throughout my entire application, because I prefer working with strongly typed Datasets. Row Headers Visible = False End With will update the database automatically with what you have entered.I am having a problem adding a new row to a Binding Source. When I step through the code in debug mode, the bs Supplies. I seam to have a problem getting my Binding Source to access it through its Position property.You can wire to the form UI components' validating event to force users to enter valid values. This will prevent a control from losing focus if an invalid value has been entered.This works fine and the correct value is translated to the correct Checked value.The only problem comes from adding a new Row from within the program.

There are certain values that cannot be Null inside the Access Database, so I cannot just Insert a blank row and then recieve a new Data Set from the database.

When adding a new row those fields will be automatically prepopulated. You can validate whether those fields are populated at your save event to ensure they are never committed if not populated.

Example: private void button Save_Click(object sender, Event Args e) } 3.

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Count = 4 at this point, but I cannot move bs Supplies. I dont seam to have a problem actually creating the new Row.