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Bicurios hookup how to

During this step, you now have a permission slip to make say hello and even make small-talk.The boundary was established from step #3, which loosened up the ground a bit for conversation. Maybe ask a few questions that relate to something you he is interested in, based off your social media snooping activities from step #2.

If you want to introduce yourself at some point, that is fine.Because you have been watching this guy for a while now, you should pretty much know his entire workout routine.In a friendly way, make eye contact with your target and , walk over to him and ask for a spot.C) The easiest way however is to eavesdrop on his conversations at the gym and listen for a name.If he is the quiet type however and keeps to himself, you will need to follow choice A or B. Assuming you have his name, you can now go about doing an Internet search.You will need to act like you do not know his name when he offers his however – remember, you already know it from step #1.

The idea here is to gauge his response and to confirm any potential interest.

Here, you are going to snoop around and see if the guy appears to be gay or straight.

If he is straight, you will pretty much need to end your efforts Pick the day you are going to make your move. When you get to your gym, make sure you are working on equipment that will be near his location.

Hopefully, he is now offering to spot you or you are offering to spot him.

Now that you two have been talking and sharing, you should have a good sense of what is possible.

My suggestion here is to pick something fairly simple while avoiding anything embarrassing.