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Best specialty dating sites

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For example, you may not be interested in answering 100 survey questions anymore if you’ve been dating for 20 years.Or, you might be coming out of a divorce, so today’s dating scene is very new to you.

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The number of people on there seems endless (although you have a maximum of 100 free “swipe rights” per day).Now, you get a newsfeed where you can like and comment on specific photos directly.It also prompts you to answer questions, and they display those answers between photos. This suggestion is based on what you’ve liked on other people’s profiles and who is most likely to find you attractive.So if online dating feels impersonal or stale to you, Hinge could be worth a try.At worst, you’ll have a new online dating experience.It can be a fun experience if you just want to “see what’s out there” after a breakup and don’t want to start dating seriously. People feel less obligated to be polite or text you back when the vibe is this casual.

This can be painful if you’re looking for validation after a long relationship.

If so, here are three sites that you should pay most attention to.

Hinge came out at the same time as Tinder, and bills itself as the best site for long-term matches.

Do you really want to be on Tinder at this stage of the game? Or maybe you want to give a niche site like Fitness Singles a shot?

When you’re over 40, certain sites are definitely “better” than others, but that also depends on your strategy.

Still, not having to think of witty opening lines all the time can be a relief.