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Auto radio updating

If you are a Spotify premium user (requires a monthly paid subscription), you can enjoy ad-free, high quality music even when there is no internet connection.Users of an i Phone® with Siri can take advantage of Siri Eyes Free functionality.

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Solution: UE Wonderboom ($100)• I bought my 2009 GEM e4 street-legal golf cart secondhand from the Navy.The AVH-2330NEX features Apple Car Play, the smarter, safer and more fun way to use your i Phone® in the car.Apple Car Play gives i Phone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, listen to music, and access messages with just a word or a touch.Sirius XM programming is received through the Sirius XM Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately, Sirius XM subscription required).Simply connect the Sirius XM SXV300 tuner to the Pioneer receiver and receive additional features like Tune Mix™, Sports Flash™ and Traffic and Weather Now™.Learn More from: Apple Pioneer Car Global With Spotify being a dedicated A/V source on the AVH-2330NEX, you now have the ability to control content from the Spotify app on i Phone and Android devices.

You can play, pause and skip tracks, browse playlists, albums and radio stations on the go using the Pioneer controls.

We disassemble your 8 track or cassette tape player, clean critical areas, adjust mechanical and electrical points and lubricate the unit.

We also change the physically and electrically leaking capacitors in the motor speed regulator, pre-amplifier and main amplifier stages and install new drive belts as needed.

Put modern sound in your car without compromising the appearance of the dash!

In the mid-2000s, standardized head units were replaced by integrated receivers. And yet, millions of vehicles out there predate these factory audio evolutions.

And I should probably tidy up that rat's nest of wires that I stuffed back inside the dash.