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Amanda bynes zac efron dating

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says, "There's something funny about that girl," and its testimony rings true whenever Amanda Bynes has been on the screen!

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As shown on You Tube, in a classic interview from 1998 Amanda cited Sally Field as one of her favorite actresses! The stage Amanda graced was a stage so many legendary comedians had been on before her because she performed at the Laugh Factory!Amanda has been long influenced by sketching outfits and her knack for drawing led her to attend FIDM for fashion design.Her love for hitting the books is evident; according to , but it would be a few years before fans were able to hear Amanda's actual voice when she sang in the film!A few years before Amanda based a character on Judge Judy Sheindlin on , she was flexing her comedic chops through celebrity impressions.She wowed Howie Mandel with an impression of veteran talk show queen Barbara Walters and added Robert De Niro to her repertoire of imitations years before she was old enough to see any of De Niro's films. In an era of celebrity gossip which seemed to be constantly asking the question, "Who is she dating now?Amanda noted many times in early interviews that her dad was a dentist, but a lesser known fact about Rick Bynes has to do with her comedic beginnings.

According to , Lauren attending FIDM "intrigued" Amanda!

Like one of her characters from , Amanda seemed to show it was "not a problem" to live well while in the spotlight.

Despite some ups and downs concerning her personal life in the past few years, Amanda Bynes has been a true example of a powerhouse with a well-rounded sense of being. Amanda played the role of a girl who displayed a fantastic definition of sisterly love: she stepped in for her brother on his school's soccer team, and found herself in a comical bind when she fell for Channing Tatum's character!

Amanda's notoriously private life once briefly ventured into public view when she dated her co-star from Was there anything Amanda couldn't do in her acting heyday?

When she wasn't charming all of us on camera, she lent her talents (and her voice! She appeared as Piper, a quirky robot with pigtails, in the film The late 2000s could unofficially be dubbed as the "Era of Efron." It was a period when we couldn't pass a newsstand without catching a glimpse of Zac Efron's face on the cover of virtually every teen magazine available due to his enormous success in the There are countless examples of characters that go hand in hand with Amanda's career.

She had been on stage a few years before being cast on not only provided us with laugh-out-loud sketches showing off Amanda's versatile comedy stylings, but there were also countless musical guests who graced the stage to sing their latest hits.